Kenny Omega says he can’t “lose to a guy who came from over there in WWE.”

Kenny Omega AEW

AEW superstar Kenny Omega interviewed with Alicia Tout one day after Double or Nothing and addressed a possible future matchup with newest signee Jon Moxley.

Omega admits that now he really has something to train for, because he doesn’t want to lose to a guy who came from WWE.

“This is going to be the start of something beautiful. If I had won yesterday, I feel like I might have gotten that feeling of complacency. Now that Moxley is apart of us, and I get to get first crack at him… I feel like that’s in my wheelhouse too.”

“It’ll be just as exciting for me, hopefully it is for the fans. Now, I’ve really got something to train for. I can’t lose to a guy that came from that place, you know what I mean? There’s a little bit of pride on the line.”

Kenny Omega says that he still hasn’t forgotten about Chris Jericho, but first he’s going to worry about his match with with Adam “Hangman” Page.

“So Jericho, what we have is not over. You got Hangman. Hangman is young, up-and-coming, and once he heals that knee…he’s going to be one-hundred percent, and I don’t know if Jericho can handle him in his current state.”

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