Kenny Omega Dealing With Several Injuries


AEW star Kenny Omega is a belt collector and currently holds a ton of gold in the pro wrestling world. However, being a self proclaimed “God of Pro Wrestling” and putting on tons of matches constantly can certainly take it’s toll on you over time.

According to
Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Kenny Omega is dealing with several injuries right now, and he’s is in a lot of pain. 


“It’s just as well because Omega is hurting pretty badly between slicing up his hand and needing seven stitches when he delivered the fourth belt shot on Pac in the three-way (the one with the AEW belt which is especially sharp), a deep bone bruise near his tailbone, the normal wear and tear on his knees and an athletic hernia. He was also suffering from a stomach virus this past week. But he’s definitely in a lot of pain getting through the recent big matches. At the fan fest the day before the PPV, he said there are days he wakes up and walks around where he thinks maybe he’s close to the time to hang it up because his body is feeling worse. But he also noted that having real fans in the building when he’s performing makes him feel a lot better.”

Omega apparently has days where he is in so much pain where he thinks about hanging his boots up, but he continues to power through.

Kenny Omega’s next title defense will be at Impact Wrestling’s Against All Odds PPV this Saturday. He will be putting the Impact Wrestling World Championship on the line against Moose.

We’ll have to see if Kenny Omega can retain, but hopefully “The Best Bout Machine” can continue to have a long career after that as he’s one of the very best in the game today and there’s still a ton of matches fan would love to see him in. Perhaps he may take some time off soon to heal up.

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