Kairi Sane writes thank you letter to WWE Locker room

Kairi Sane and Asuka WWE

WWE Superstar Kairi Sane who’s on WWE’s Europe tour recently took to Twitter to thank the WWE Locker room.

”I just finished my fifth day during my first SmackDown Live Europe tour. Each day, I found myself in a different country: Ireland, Finland, Sweden, Norway & England. Some travel days take eight hours by bus or plane. This schedule is pretty hard on the body, and I thought I was prepared for it. However, I underestimated how tough it can be, especially on my stamina. However, I’m making [sure] to take care of myself in these challenging conditions. I’m discovering true strength from the WWE veterans in the locker room.

It means the world to me because even though I’ve just arrived, simple things like asking me, “how are you feeling?,” making sure that I’m staying hydrated, double-checking that I haven’t forgotten anything on the plane, or even just making jokes to brighten my day…each moment made my day brighter. I cannot thank Shinsuke or Asuka enough for their kindness [every] single day. They fill my heart so much.

That’s why, regardless of how tired or sore I am, I will do everything in my power to ensure that I’ll fight with all my power for all the wonderful fans who come to support us! I want to spend each day, performing alongside these amazing Superstars who help me fight from my heart.

On the remainder of the Europe tour, I will do my best to work hard with the assistance and support of the staff members to ensure that everything goes off without a hitch! Thank you again, for everything.

2019.05.14     Kairi Sane”

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