Johnny Gargano talks about being incomplete without the NXT Championship

Johnny Gargano NXT
To say that Johnny Gargano has been obsessed with the NXT Championship is an understatement.

Since coming to NXT, “Johnny Wrestling“ has had his eyes on the prize. He’s obtained success winning both the NXT Tag Titles and the NXT North American Championship but despite that he’s never won the big one. At NXT:Takeover New York Gargano will have a chance to make it right when he takes on Adam Cole (baybay!) for the NXT Championship. Gargano spoke to WWE about how he feels without the title:

“NXT is my life. Plain and simple. I’ve put my heart and soul into this company, and I truly love it and its fans. I wanted to build something here and my legacy feels incomplete without that NXT Championship. It’s about more than the accolades though, it’s about what it stands for.”

“I want to go from a guy who was told ‘no’ at his tryout, a guy who was told he wasn’t good enough to be here, to the most decorated champion in the history of the company. I want to show the world that anything’s possible if you never stop fighting.”

We‘ll find out soon if it’s going to be ”Johnny Takeover” or “Johnny Failure” walking out of NXT: New York.

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