John Laurinaitis Re-Hired By WWE As Head Of Talent Relations, Some Backstage Concerned


There more things change in WWE the more they stay the same. Don’t look now, but “People Power” is officially back in 2021.

Former head of WWE Talent Relations John Laurinaitis is back and is returning to the position he held for many years. We’ve learned at The Ringside Roster that Laurinaitis is back as head of Talent Relations and will be overseen by WWE Executive Vice President Of Operations Brad Blum. Laurinaitis had previously resigned from the position back in 2012. This is not expected to be an on-screen role at this time, but in the WWE as well all know anything can happen especially when it comes to “Big Johnny”.

As for the talent in the WWE locker room regarding the news, there is said to be some level of concern regarding the return of Laurinaitis. Some reportedly feel as though Laurinaitis had a very “old way of thinking” when it came to the product and are afraid that things could revert because of his return.

We’ll have to see what happens, but it’s certainly an interesting development. Things could start looking very different on WWE TV soon for better or worse.

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