NXT Made Big Move To Tuesday To Get Away From AEW According To Jim Ross

WWE NXT is now on Tuesday nights after a big move recently, which all but ended what was dubbed the Wednesday Night Wars against AEW. The reason behind the move was never fully stated other than WWE mentioning that it’s excited to grow on Tuesday nights.

However, AEW commentator Jim Ross who was a long standing part of WWE believes he knows why WWE NXT moved. It’s a reason that many fans stand behind as well.

“It was obvious, WWE goes on Wednesdays, head-to-head with us, in hopes it would hurt our growth. It didn’t happen. They probably got tired of getting their ass beat every week. They have a lot of stroke with USA, so they made a move.”

It helped them and they have more viewers, we have more viewers, and fans don’t have to make a decision. If it’s fan-friendly, it’s a good move. We have to protect our greatest assets [the fans]”.

The belief is indeed that WWE moved to get away from AEW as they were often losing in the ratings. It’s something Vince McMahon was said to be unhappy about as well. The potential move of the NHL to Tuesday nights may have factored in too.

Now WWE NXT and AEW Dynamite have their own nights and fans are free to watch both without having to change the channel. We’ll chalk that up as a win here at The Ringside Roster.

Let us know at what you think in the comments. Do you believe NXT moved to get away from AEW?