Jim Ross on Jim Cornette bashing AEW: “A lot of us just have to change with things or get out.”


During Grilling JR, AEW announcer Jim Ross spoke about his old co-worker Jim Cornette and his views on AEW.

”If he’s going to lambaste somebody, I wish he would lambaste another company other than AEW as much as he does,” Ross said. “I take some of that personally. Like, wait a minute, I know as much about wrestling as you do, I’ve been on a lot of the same journeys here, so don’t bullsh*t me about ‘this’ should change. It’s a different world.

“I’m not telling you I like it, I’m telling you that’s what it is. The world is changing, and a lot of us just have to change with it or get out. You get along or you move along in today’s world, where you’re talking to young talents that have been raised in different homes, with different philosophies, and a different era than we were. You can’t manage them exactly the same.”

Jim Cornette for better or worse has always been outspoken. He has an old school look on the business, but AEW is doing some great things. They’re still a new company and are learning as they go, but fans love it and it’s a lot of fun to watch. Adding another place for talent to go is always a good thing too. We personally look forward to watching them grow.

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