Chris Jericho says he’s to thank for WWE giving Superstars a raise

AEW Chris Jericho WWE

While recently speaking to TV Insider, Jericho said that WWE Superstars owe him a big thank you for their recent pay increases.

Apparently WWE didn’t pay him what he wanted and then he went to AEW instead. WWE is currently either offering Superstars more money to stay or simply tacking on more time to their contracts if they still want to leave and they try to get out of their deals.

“I’m not surprised. I will say this…everyone in WWE owes Chris Jericho a thank you because the moment I signed with AEW, it became legit.”

“That’s when everyone started getting these huge raises to not go. It was very similar to what happened to Bobby Hull in the early 1970s when he signed with the WHA (World Hockey Association) for a million dollars. Every other player got a huge raise to not jump with him.”

“My dad [Ted Irvine] went from a $35,000 to a $100,000 a year because they didn’t want him going to the WHA. It’s the same thing for Vince [McMahon] is doing with WWE. You’re hearing about prelim guys getting $400,000, $500,000 a year deals. Everyone deserves the money they make, but they never would have gotten that before and wouldn’t get it somewhere else. They can be ones who will never draw a dime. It doesn’t matter. Vince doesn’t want anyone coming to AEW. Doesn’t want there to be a mass exodus whether you are an opening match jobber or a main event Roman Reigns. He doesn’t want anybody to go.”

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