Chris Jericho on his argument with Triple H over the festival of friendship

Chris Jericho
While speaking to Inside The Ropes, Chris Jericho discussed his past WrestleMania matches and how they rank.

He’s only been happy with a very small percentage of them due to all of the expectations involved. His feud with KO wouldn’t have been the same without the Festival of Friendship, but Jericho revealed that he had to fight for that one too.

Jericho said that he was only happy with maybe two of his Mania matches being his feud against Shawn Michaels and the ladder match he was in which CM Punk eventually won.

“I wasn’t happy with the Regal one, I wasn’t happy with the one I had with Benoit and Angle, I wasn’t happy with the Triple H, the Christian one was good… that was okay… I can live with that one.”
“You can go through them all. The Edge one I didn’t care for, the Punk one I didn’t care for. The Fandango one I didn’t care for. The Owens one… it’s not that I didn’t care for it — it’s hard because there is so much going on and the sound in a stadium goes up and into the rafters so you never get that feeling.”

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