Impact Wrestling Results 7/1/21, Bey Picks A Side & Team Callis Claims Victory


Impact Wrestling Results 7/1/21

Impact Wrestling Results 7/1/21

The following are the Impact Wrestling Results 7/1/21

William Morrissey attacks Eddie Edwards before his match with Kojima. Bryan Myers and Sam Beale then come out and tell Kojima to get out of the ring because he doesn’t have a match anymore. Kojima doesn’t appreciate this and attacks Myers and Beale, but gets taken out until Jake Something hits the ring and it becomes a tag match.

Kojima and Jake Something defeat Brian Myers and Sam Beale

Rosemary and Havok ask Scott D’Amore for a chance at the Knockouts Tag Team Championships and D’Amore says he has to think about it.

Rachel Ellering defeats Tenelle Dashwood. After the match Tenelle and Kaleb attack Ellering, but Jazz makes the save. They eventually beat Jazz down, but Jordynne Grace runs down and takes out Tenelle and Kaleb before reuniting with Ellering.

Rich Swann and Willie Mack Vs TJP and Fallah Bahh ends in a no-contest after Violent By Design attacks them.

Fire and Flava confront Scott D’Amore about Rosemary and Havok getting a possible shot at the Knockouts Tag Team Championships. They say that Rosemary and Havok haven’t proven anything yet and D’Amore agrees and says next week they can face them in a match to see if they can prove themselves as a team.

Chris Bey defeats Petey Williams. After the match Ace Austin, MadMan Fulton, Rohit Raju, and Shera come out and beat down Williams. Bey starts to walk to the back, but Trey Miguel and Josh Alexander run past him to the ring. Miguel and Alexander start to get beat down and Bey makes the save. Bey chooses to side with Williams, Miguel, and Alexander as they take out Austin, Fulton, Raju, and Shera.

Jake Something challenges Brian Meyers to a match next week and says if he wins Myers must acknowledge him as professional and if he loses he’ll say Myers is “The Most Professional Wrestler”.

Steve Maclin defeats Manny Smith

Brian Myers accepts the challenge from Jake Something but says if he wins Something also has to tell Sam Beale that all his teachings are paying off.

Team Callis Kenny Omega and The Good Brothers defeats Team Dreamer Moose, Sami Callihan, and Chris Sabin

That wraps up the Impact Wrestling Results 7/1/21

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