Impact Wrestling Results 6/3/21: Steve Cutler Debuts & Tony Khan Coming To Impact Next Week

Impact Wrestling Results 6/3/21

** Impact Wrestling Results 6/3/21**

Impact Wrestling Results 6/3/21

Below are the highlights and Impact Wrestling results 6/3/21: 

  • Josh Alexander defeats TJP in a 60 minute Iron Man Match.
    • After the match, all of the Impact stars congratulate Josh Alexander. TJP pays his respect as well. Josh Alexander says that he is the only one at Impact carrying gold and he is the “king of the hill.” He states that he wants a challenge every match. Petey Williams, Ace Austin, Trey Miguel and Chris Bey all tell Scott D’Amore that they want a X Division Title match next week. 
  • Jake Something defeats Rojit Raju. 
  • W. Morrissey demands a match with Rich Swann tonight. Scott D’Amore states that Rich Swann actually went to him earlier demanding a match with W. Morrissey. Turns out their match will be next! 
  • W. Morrissey attacks Rich Swann as he comes out to the ring before the match can begin. Security is called but no one can stop Morrissey’s attack. Willie Mack comes out with a chair and attacks W. Morrissey but it does not seem to affect him. 
  • Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb (with a k) try to talk to Rachael Ellering about being Dashwood’s next week. Jordynne came and broke up the conversation, questioning what Dashwood was doing. Rachael Ellering leaves with Jordynne Grace to prepare for their match later tonight. 
  • Brian Myers is shown trying to “improve” Sam Beale’s look/ entrance and make him into “the most professional” wrestler.
  • Deonna Purrazzo comments on how the triple threat match is unfair and how Havoc and Rosemary do not deserve a title shot. 
  • Fire N Flava defeat Rachael Ellering and Jordynne Grace to retain the Knockouts Tag Team Championships! 
  • Sami Callihan talks about how he does not care about Moose and that he is not afraid of him because he “is a different type of man.” Don Callis comes and talks about how everyone is behind Moose and Callis wants to be on Callihan’s side. Callihan kicks Don out and says that tonight he is going to beat Moose. 
  • Eddie Edwards tries to wish Kojima well before his match and Kojima says that he does not speak English. 
  • A vignette for a new wrestler named Maclin (AKA Steve Cutler) is shown. 
  • Fire N’ Flava go to Scott D’Amore’s office and talk about how they need someone to “step up.” D’Amore says that there are two people who are “not happy with them.” Susan and Kimber Lee come out of D’Amore’s office. D’Amore makes a title match at Against All Odds between the Knockouts Tag Team champions and Susan & Kimber Lee. 
  • During the match, VBD attempts to get involved in the match but Eddie Edwards comes out to even the odds. Kojima defeats Joe Doering. 
  • Moose talks about how his match with Sami Callihan a “warm up” match. Don Callis comes and says that no one is in on Sami’s side and tells him to finish Callihan quick. Moose tells Callis to tell Kenny Omega to keep his belt shiny for him. 
  • VBD talks about how they can get past their failure and how Eddie Edwards cost them the much. Decay confronts VBD. Eric Young talks about how Crazzy Steve should have known better and if he disrespects Deaner, that he disrespects Eric Young. Crazzy Steve demands a title match at Against All Odds without Eric Young there. Eric Young agrees. 
  • The Good Brothers attack Moose and Sami Callihan during their match. Don and Kenny Omega come out smiling. Kenny joins in the attack and stomps on Moose. The attack continues as The Big OG and Kenny attack Sami Callihan. Sami Callihan defeats Moose via DQ. 
  • The Good Brothers are seen celebrating their attack. Scott D’Amore confronts them and tells The Good Brothers to go. Scott D’Amore talks about how Sami Callihan technically won against Moose and at Against All Odds it should be a triple threat match. Tony Khan will make an appearance at next week’s show to give his decision on if the match at Against All Odds will be a triple threat match between Kenny Omega vs. Sami Callihan vs. Moose. 

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