Impact Wrestling Results 6/24/21, Team Omega Vs Team Dreamer & VBD Retains


Impact Wrestling Results 6/24/21

Impact Wrestling Results 6/24/21

The following are the Impact Wrestling Results 6/24/21

Kenny Omega and a fired Don Callis force their way through security to get in the building.

Rosemary defeats Keira Hogan 

Scott D’Amore thanks Tommy Dreamer for his help last week, but didn’t agree with how he went over his head to fire Don Callis. Dreamer says he’ll always have D’Amore’s back and have the companies best interest in mind. He also says he’s been asked by Anthem to stay on as a consultant to Impact Wrestling.

Deonna Purrazzo defeats Susan. After the match Purrazzo attacks Susan and Kimber Lee stops her. Purrazzo then says she’s done with them and calls them both trash.

Rohit Raju, Shera, Ace Austin and Madman Fulton beat down Trey Miguel, Petey Williams and Josh Alexander. Chris Bey watches from the ramp while shooting a video.

Sami Callihan and Moose agree to be partners with Tommy Dreamer in a Team Dreamer Vs Team Omega six man tag team match.

Rachel Ellering calls out Jordynne Grace. She says winning the tag titles with Grace was a huge moment that meant so much to her. She says a year ago she felt so low and it was so hard to get herself where she is today. She says people tried to push her into a pool of positivity and she hated it, but she did it to Grace. 

Grace says age doesn’t care what Tenelle Dashwood or anyone thinks. She says she is the strongest women in Impact Wrestling and as much as she loved having Rachel as a partner she can do things on her own.

Jazz comes out and interrupts and says that Grace is letting her ego get in the way right now.

Rachel says that they’re a team and things are on both of them. She says she still wants to team with Grace, but she doesn’t know if Grace wants the same.

Grace says she needs time to think about everything and walks to the back. 

Tenelle Dashwood comes out and says that it looks like things just aren’t working out, but that’s ok because she’s ready to team with Ellering. Rachel then tells Tenelle “hell no”, but she will face her as an opponent and they brawl. 

Jake Something defeats Sam Beal

Violent By Design defeats Eddie Edwards and Kojima to retain the Impact Wrestling Tag Team Championships.

That wraps up the Impact Wrestling Results 6/24/21

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