Impact Wrestling Results 6/10/21, Omega & Moose Set To Battle At Daily’s Place & Deonna Purrazzo Vs Rosemary


** Impact Wrestling Results 6/10/21 ** 

Impact Wrestling Results

The following are the Impact Wrestling Results 6/10/21

  • Scott D’Amore invites Tony Khan into the ring to talk about the details of their agreement when Don Callis interrupts.
  • Don Callis comes out and asks if Tony Khan and Scott D’Amore are scheming against him. He says Kenny Omega is the greatest champion in pro wrestling. Callis says that he heard that Sami Callihan is being considered to be added to the the Impact Wrestling World Championship match at Against All Odds. He says that’s a terrible idea because Callihan is a hazard and blacklisted from a lot of companies. Callihan says Kenny Omega Vs Moose will be a great match and they don’t need Callihan. Scott D’Amore says he makes some great points and that he and Tony Khan talked and it’ll be Omega Vs Moose one on one at Against All Odds. Tony Khan says he knows Callis cares about Omega and that Omega has put on some amazing matches. Khan says that some of Omega’s best matches have come at Daily’s Place and that’s where the match will take place Saturday. Scott D’ Amore announces that at Slammiversary the winner of that match will defend the Impact Wrestling Championship against Sami Callihan.

  • Kenny Omega, Don Callis and The Good Brothers are backstage talking about taking out Sami Callihan. Scott D’ Amore overhears them and announces that at Against All Odds while Omega is defending the Impact Wrestling World Championship against Moose they’ll be having a match in the Impact Zone against Sami Callihan and a partner of his choosing in a street fight.

  • Brian Myers teaches Sam Beale how to cut a promo.
  • Sami Callihan agrees to have Tommy Dreamer as a partner against The Good Brothers at Against All Odds. Scott D’Amore warns Dreamer about stirring the pot when Dreamer says that Sami and Dreamer have a mutual enemy… Don Callis. 
  • Rosemary defeats Havok. Havok will not be a part of the Knockouts Championship Title match at Against all Odds. Susan, Kimber Lee, and Deonna Purrazzo attack Havok and Rosemary in the ring. Susan grabs the mic and calls Havok and Rosemary “freaks.” Susan calls out Tasha Steelz and demands a match between Tasha Steelz right now!
  • Tasha Steelz defeats Kimber Lee. Deonna Purrazzo and Susan begin to yell at each other before attacking Fire N’ Flava. Havok and Rosemary join the attack against Deonna Purrazzo, Kimber Lee, and Susan. Rosemary and Havok attack Kiera Hogan with a double choke slam.
  • Petey Williams and Trey Miguel defeat Rohit Raju and Chris Bey. After the match, Ace Austin and Madman Fulton come and attack Rohit and Chris Bey. Josh Alexander comes out to even the odds and Ace Austin attacks him as well.
  • Willie Mack talks about his match tonight with W. Morrissey. Rich Swann tells Mack to save a piece for him. Swann says that he is going to have Mack’s back. Mack makes Swann promise that he will not interfere in the match and Swann promises he won’t. 
  • Tenille Dashwood’s show “Its All About Me.” Rachael Ellering is invited to be the co-host. When Ellering brings Jordynne Grace, Tenille and Kaleb (with a k) are disappointed. Rachael is tired of Tenille disrespecting her partner so she challenges her to a match to help fix her attitude. Jordynne Grace interrupts and says that if anything is going to settle it with Dashwood, it’ll be her. Jordynne goes to Scott D’Amore’s office to get the match officiated for Against All Odds. 
  • VBD talks about Doering’s match with Eddie Edwards tonight and how he is disappointed with how Eddie helped Kojima. He talks about how Joe will make his mark and fix the sickness. He continues to talk about how Kojima is a legend and a machine in wrestling, but his vision is blurred by the sickness and how Doering is going to help fix his sickness. Eric Young talks about how the world belongs to VBD. 
  • Deaner got involved in the match causing Eddie Edwards to win against Doering via DQ. VBD begins to attack Eddie Edwards and Kojima comes out to even the odds. Rhyno is holding Doering back. 
  • Moose talks about how he has yet to be Impact World Champion. He talks about how he will win that championship at Against All Odds. He talks about how he underestimated Rich Swann but if he was the one who was at Rebellion, he would have been the Impact World Championship and the AEW Championship.  
  • W. Morrissey defeats Willie Mack. After the match Morrissey goes to attack Mack and Rich Swann comes out to make the save.

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