Impact Wrestling Results 5-27-21, Doering Vs Kojima & Moose’s Mayhem

Impact Wrestling Results 5-27-21

** Impact Wrestling Results 5-27-21** 

  • Sami Callihan enters and sits in the middle of the ring. He talks about how the Good Brothers cost him his match at Under Siege because they were scared of “The Death Machine.” He speaks about how they can plan for any other wrestler, but you can’t plan for him. He calls Kenny Omega into the world. 
    • Instead of Kenny Omega coming out, Moose answers Callihan’s call. 
    • Moose talks about how Sami is doing a lot of complaining and “the truth is” nobody cares since he is not the #1 contender. Moose warns Callihan to stay out of his business and Kenny Omega is “his business.” 
    • Moose talks about how he is going to win the title and then Callihan can continue his complaining. Callihan talks about how it is suspicious about how The Good Brothers are acting Callihan and not Moose, but that’s because Sami is dangerous. 
    • The Good Brothers come out and start praising the Lord. The Good Brothers are “sick and tired” of being blamed. They talk about how “the good Lord” is on Moose’s side because he is obviously “a wrestling god.” They talk about how Sami Callihan needs to stay out of Omega’s and Moose’s business and how they are on Moose’s side. Moose talks about how it is better being on his side, but the truth is… Moose isn’t on The Good Brothers side. 
    • Moose attacks The Good Brothers. Sami Cahillan and Moose have a stare down in the middle of the ring.
  • The Good Brothers are seen angry about what just transpired. Don Callis comes and says that they do not need to talk to Scott D’Amore since Callis is an EVP which means … he can make any match he wants! So, Don Callis is making a match tonight. It’s official. Later tonight, there will be a match between The Good Brothers and Moose & Sami Callihan.
  • Don Callis is interviewed by Gia, confirms that the match he made was official,  and talks about how he is the “invisible hand,” so even if they cannot see him making matches, he still makes them! Scott D’Amore and Callis talk about how he made the match tonight and how D’Amore loves the idea. Callis talks about how he is going to “go and get Kenny Omega ready…” But for what? Kenny isn’t in the match later tonight… I guess we shall see.  
  • TJP and Fallah Bahh defeat Petey Williams and Josh Alexander to become the #1 contenders for the Tag Team Championships.  
  • W. Morrissey has a sit down interview with Gia. He talks about how people are “happy” when the camera’s are rolling but will “bury you when the camera is not rolling. He talks about how “fake” the wrestling business is. He voices how people kicked him when he was down and when he had a seizure at Philadelphia, PA, people recorded instead of calling 911. No one reached out to check if he was okay for 3 years and now that he is doing well… now everyone wants to be “his friend.” He talks about how Rich Swann isn’t Willie Mack’s friend that he is like everyone else in the industry… fake. Rich Swann attacks W. Morrissey. 
  • Promo for the Knockouts Division and each female wrestler talks about how they are “the best women’s division” in all of pro-wrestling. 
  • Rosemary talks about how they will not hold back against Fire N’ Flava, Deonna Purrazzo, Kimber Lee, and Susan.
    • Taylor Wilde seems to be a no show for their upcoming match so Rachael Ellering suggests to add Jordynne into the match. Tenille Dashwood talks about how Rachael has the whole locker room to pick from and they did just lose the tag team titles. Jordynne shows up and Rachael asks her to join the match. Jordynne isn’t so happy about being a “substitute” but ends up agreeing to the match. 
  • Jordynne Grace, Rachael Ellering, Rosemary, Tenille Dashwood, and Havok defeat Fire N’ Flava, Susan, Kimber Lee, and Deonna Purrazzo. 
  • Josh Alexander talks about how TJP pinned him earlier tonight. TJP interrupts and says that he deserves a title match for the X Division Title. Alexander says that TJP may have won tonight but there will be a completely different outcome if they go one on one. 
    • Scott D’Amore says that he likes the idea of TJP and Josh Alexander having another match against each other. So D’Amore makes next week’s BTI show the first ever 60 minute Iron Man Match between Josh Alexander and TJP for the X Division Title. 
  • Rohit Raju and Jake Something talk about how they entered the business together and that their careers were parallel, but Rhit Raju got all of his opportunities first. Jake Something does not know who Rohit has become and Raju says it is because Scott D’Amore treats him like trash while this company idolizes Jack Something. 
  • VBD enters the ring and talks about how violence is a tool, a vehicle, and a well lit path to wherever they want to go. Eric Young talks about how he found each member of VBD and how they are “like minded people” and how they are now saved and “pure.” Each event that transpired, from Rhyno winning the “Call Your Shot” trophy to them winning the World Tag Team Titles, was all “by design.” Eric Young states that “all wrestling” will belong to VBD. 
    • The lights go out, Kojima comes out, and stares down Joe Doering. Kojima wants a match between Joe Doering at Against All Odds. 
  • Dr. Ross talks about Matt Cardona status after being attacked by Brian Myers last week. Dr. Ross claims that Cardona has a “fractured orbital bone” and that he will out for the next 12 weeks.
    • Brian Myers interrupts and asks Dr. Ross what he has to break in Matt Cardona’s body for him to be out forever.
    • Beale comes and interrupts. Brian Myers talks about how Beale is “nothing” and how he “is not professional.” He talks about how he should “slap the horrible tattoos off [his] body” but instead of doing that, Myers is going to teach Beale how to be professional.  
  • Joe Doering accepts Kojima’s challenge. Decay attempts to walk past VBD when Deaner confronts them and warns them about getting in the middle of VBD’s business. Crazzy Steve talks about how Deaner should know to stop being in other’s shadows. Deaner talks about how Crazzy Steve is nothing but a clown. Crazzy Steve talks about how the clever ones disguise themselves as fools and the fools are those who don’t see him for it. 
  • Decay defeats Johnny Swinger and Hernandez. 
  • Don Callis entrusts The Good Brothers to handle the match against Moose and Callihan on their own and Callis will not be there to watch. 
  • The Good Brothers defeat Sami Callihan and Moose after Moose kicks Sami Callihan during the match. After the match, Moose attacks Sami Callihan again.

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