Impact Wrestling Results 5/13/21: Tensions Flare Between Execs & New #1 Contenders

Impact Wrestling Results 5/13/21

** Impact Wrestling Results 5/13/21 ** 

  • Havok defeats Rosemary to become #1 contender for the Knockouts Championship and will face Deonna Purrazzo at Under Siege for the title. After the match, Deonna Purrazzo attacks Havok. When Deonna attempts to run, Rosemary pushes Deonna back in the ring. Kimber Lee and Susan attempt to aid Deonna but are met with the rest of Decay. Havok uses a tombstone pile driver on Deonna and remains victorious. 
  •  The Good Brothers talk about their win against FinJuice. Kenny Omega voiced that they lost a ton of their momentum when they lost their titles and that the only reason why they won last week was because of Kenny Omega. He continues by saying it’s time for Kenny Omega to start supporting The Good Brothers so that they can continue winning. The Good Brothers warn FinJuice and Eddie Edwards about what is coming for them. 
  • Petey Williams, Ace Austin, TJP, Acey Romero, El Phantasmo, and Rohit Raju face in a 6 way scramble. El Phantasmo wins the 6 way scramble and becomes the #1 contender and will face Josh Alexander for the X Division Championship. 
  • Scott D’Amore is shown a video of “evidence” involving the match between Tenille Dashwood and Susan. Susan demands to have a match with Kimber Lee by her side against Tenille Dashwood and Taylor Wilde at Under Siege. 
  • Eric Young states that failure will not be tolerated. He talks about how we cannot trust many things because they are infected by “the sickness” but what we can trust is that we will be seeing a lot of Violent By Design.
  • At Swinger’s Palace, XXXL, Rojit Raju & Shera, Ace Austin, Madman Fulton, and TJP argue about who will be the #1 contenders for the tag team championships. TJP intervenes and says no one will be the number one contenders because he has the “right partner.” Petey Williams appears confirming he is TJP’s partner. Swinger tells John E Bravo to go to Scott D’Amore and to get this match  
  • Willie Mack defeats Sam Beale. W. Morrissey attacks Willie Mack after the match and stands over him! 
  • FinnJuice talk about their loss against The Good Brothers. David Finaly talks about how he cannot think about the loss and how what matters is his match tonight against Karl Anderson. Juice Robinson talks about their alliance with Eddie Edwards. Eddie Edwards talks about how Kenny was/is the difference but they are going to have “a Kenny of their own” as he holds us a kendo stick. 
  • Tenille Dashwood interviews Taylor Wilde. Taylor Wilde talks about how they are not friends and/or a tag team, but she will tag with Tenille Dashwood at Under Siege.
  • David Finaly defeats Karl Anderson via DQ. Kenny Omega attacks David Finaly during the match.
  • Chris Sabin is upset that Moose attacked James Storm after the match last week. 
  • Jordynne Grace talks about how she is disappointed with her loss against Tasha Steelz during their match on BTI. Rachel Ellering tells Jordynne to be mad, bottle it up, and to unleash it on Fire N’ Flava at Under Siege.  
  • Brian Myers defeats Crazzy Steve. During the match, Myers fakes being pushed by Black Taurus causing the members of Decay to be banned from ringside. Black Taurus attacks Brian Myers after the match. Decay then puts the tarot “Card of Death” on Myers’ chest. 
  • Scott D’Amore talks to Don Callis about how he should help out more. Don Callis says that they agreed he doesn’t need to interact with the talent. Scott D’Amore confronts him about Callis influencing Moose that caused Moose to attack James Storm who is “out indefinitely.” Callis talks about how he is trying to light the fire in Moose. D’Amore tells Callis that he needs to choose if he is going to be “Kenny’s family” or if he is going to act like an EVP and to let him know when he makes a decision. D’Amore states that it would be nice if they “were even in the same book around here.”
  • Moose, Sami Callihan, and Chris Bey vs Trey Miguel, Chris Sabin, and Matt Cardona in a 6 man tag team match. Don Callis and The Good Brothers are watching the match in the back. Sami Callihan pins Chris Sabin to gain the win for his team. At the end of the match, Callihan pushes Moose and Moose pushes back. Don Callis looks at the TV concerned by the winners of the match. 

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