How long will Kofi Kingston’s WWE Title Reign be?

Kofi Kingston Vince McMahon WWE
The road to the WWE Championship has been a long one for Kofi Kingston. In 2009, it seemed as though Kingston was on the cusp on becoming WWE Champion during his feud with Randy Orton. That however would not happen as he would be cut short.

Skip forward 10 years later and here we are as Kingston will once again look for his chance to claim the WWE Championship after a series of roadblocks by both Vince McMahon and Daniel Bryan and he’ll do it on the biggest stage of them all WrestleMania.

As to Kingston walking out with the title at the big show we have been told that WWE is still undecided whether or not they will put the title on him. If they do indeed go through with it though the plan would be to have him be Champion till Summerslam. The reason for this short reign is that WWE is eyeing other Superstars to put the belt on.

With Kingston, it’s a case where they want to give the fans what they want and reward Kofi for his hard work but it was still a last minute decision nonetheless. We’ll see if he can finally win the big one this Sunday at WrestleMania and if KofiMania does indeed run wild.

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