Goldberg Returns To Confront WWE Champion Drew McIntyre on RAW Legends Night


At WWE RAW Legends Night we saw an incredible match between Drew McIntyre and Keith Lee for the WWE Championship, which saw McIntyre prevail as all the WWE Legends looked on from the stage.

However, he didn’t get to celebrate too long as the familiar music of the one and only man himself Goldberg hit. Goldberg then stood face to face with McIntyre before letting his intentions be known.

Not one to mix words, Goldberg claimed that even though Drew McIntyre says good things about all the Legends, and he gives them respect, secretly he probably thinks that nobody is a challenge for him, and that their all washed up. Goldberg let McIntyre know that he’s a great Champion, but the one thing he’s missing is respect. He then informed him that there was somebody who was ready for him standing right in front of him.

It didn’t take long for the champ to respond, who told him that he was no longer the old Goldberg, and that fighting him would be more like fighting his dad. Naturally those were fighting words as Goldberg then shoved McIntyre down.

Don’t look now but it looks like Drew McIntyre is next, and their match is likely to go down at the upcoming WWE Royal Rumble event.

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