Goldberg Says There’s Still Some Very Interesting Matches For Him In WWE


Goldberg had his last match in the WWE against Drew McIntyre for the Universal Championship this year at the Royal Rumble, where he was defeated by McIntyre. Since that time we haven’t seen much of him, but that doesn’t mean that he’s wrapped things up with the company.

Goldberg recently sat down with WWE’s The Bump where he stated that there’s still several interesting matches to him with stars on the current roster.

“Hey, let’s be perfectly honest—a different era of Goldberg would match up against anybody. The question is—could this era of Goldberg match up with anyone still and have it be interesting? I think the answer is absolutely, yes.

The Ringside View: We’ll have to see exactly when WWE has him show up again, but there’s definitely no shortage of talent to have him square off off when he does. We here at The Ringside Roster are always up for a good smash mouth match, so count us in.