Finn Balor on if his “Demon King” character will come back


While speaking to Digital Spy, Finn Balor brought up his Demon King character. Balor called it a crutch, although he didn’t rule out bringing it back at some point.

“I feel like The Demon was supposed to be a one-off in Tokyo Dome, Japan and it grew into this completely separate entity that for some time I had control over and then eventually it just kind of spun out of control. I was trying to please too many people and not pleasing myself. I feel like I lost a grip on what the character was and what I was utilizing it for. I feel like the main element that The Demon had was the element of surprise and I feel like we lost that in a sense and it became more like a crutch for Finn.”

“It’s definitely not dead and buried. I feel like there’s a time and place for everything but right now I feel like The Demon character is something that would maybe be a step in the wrong direction for what I’ve done over the last 11 months in NXT. So there will be a time and a place where we get The Demon versus Bray Wyatt, where we get The Demon versus Braun Strowman, where we get The Demon versus Brock Lesnar, but right now I’m interested in defending the NXT Championship.”

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen the Demon King persona but whenever it shows up again fans will surely be happy to see it. For now the Prince is content sitting at the top on his throne.