Elias Reportedly Backstage At WWE With New Look


Elias has been off WWE TV since the August 9 episode of RAW. Three vignettes aired until August 23, showing him burning his guitar and proclaiming that “Elias was dead”. In the 2021 WWE Draft, he was one of three main roster members who went undrafted.

Since that time there’s been a lot of speculation about when we could possibly see him again, but it looks like we may have a bit of an update on things.

We’ve learned at The Ringside Roster that Elias was recently seen backstage at WWE sporting a very different look. He now has much shorter hair and apparently shaved his trademark beard as well.

When he returns he’s expected to have a much different gimmick after ditching his guitar, and with this new look we’ll just have to see exactly how it is whenever he pops up on TV.

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