WWE Legend Diamond Dallas Page Partners Up With Netflix For New Dark Superhero Series “Guardians Of Justice”


WWE Legend and former WCW Champion Diamond Dallas Page was recently interviewed by Wrestling Inc., regarding an upcoming Netflix superhero collaboration, entitled “Guardians of Justice.”

Diamond Dallas Page on his new “Guardians Of Justice” series on Netflix:

“I actually have, it will drop probably in the second quarter of 2022. It’s a Netflix original, and it’s called, ‘Guardians Of Justice.’ It’s a very dark superhero series, it is something that took us seven years to really put together because it was on and off the table. And the last two years because there’s a lot of really cool animation in it.”

There’s eight different types of 2D animation, there’s 3D animation, and there’s claymation worked into this storyline. It was way darker before Netflix got ahold of it because they lightened it up quite a bit. Still dark, but they lightened it up quite a bit. It’s going to break soon, it’s my show, man. I didn’t think we could do it when we put it together.”

Diamond Dallas Page went on to talk about his other projects:

“I have seven different companies, that’s how many companies I have. DDPYoga being the rock force of it. We’ve got a new show, we go into production on March 1. This is a show that my team and I have designed, the leader of the team being Steve Yu, who is also the director and videographer for the Artur video that’s got over a billion views.

“Between the 350 million that we have, between YouTube, and Facebook. And so many of the big sites that took Arthur’s video and put it out there, now it has got 100 million views or whatever. But we can track it to a billion views, Steve did that. He also did the one for Vance, I think it’s over 90 million views. He’s the director of The Resurrection Of Jake The Snake.

So, it’s more educational, it’s a docuseries, it is called, ‘Change Or Die.’ I’ve already got a couple of people that people are going to know, and I am just going to stop there with two of them. Because it’s not a celebrity show, it’s not that. It’s people who need, and these two people need guidance right now, they need help. One of them along the line of Jake, and wants to change.”

Diamond Dallas Page on the show being like The Biggest Loser:

“It’s going to be kind of like Biggest Loser, except we’re not beating people up or doing all the stupid s**t that people did. What they did to those people, to me is criminal. They beat up their bodies when they are already so beat up. And there’s a lot of techniques that they used for losing weight, which I would never recommend.“I would never treat people like that. My stuff is, ‘do what you can do, just do it, make it your own.’ We are going to teach people how to eat. It’s going to be very insightful because most people have no fu*king idea what food is.”

Diamond Dallas Page is one of the greatest stars to ever step between the ropes. We personally can’t wait to see what the Master Of The Diamond Cutter has in-store with this new series on Netflix.

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