CM Punk Says Current WWE TV Is Awful


CM Punk sat down for a recent interview with Justin Barrasso of, and revealed why he’s not interested in returning to WWE.

“I’ve said no before in interviews. I’m not fishing for a deal. I get offered to do a lot of stuff, and I say no to 90% of it just because my thing is I need to work with quality human beings. It just seems like maybe in pro wrestling there is a lack of quality human beings. I don’t know. I like doing fun, quality projects. If there is a fun, quality wrestling project that gets sent my way, I will listen to it.”

“I don’t need the money. And the way the wrestling business is now, it’s wacky. You’ve got WWE, who has multiple billion-dollar television deals, and the television’s awful. I go back there, I’m just another guy. And it’s not even that—I’d be just another guy that’s doing not-good television. I want to do stuff that’s good. I want my name attached to quality projects, where it’s fun and it makes people laugh, smile, think and people don’t hate watching it. I want to do fun stuff.”

Punk isn’t a fan of current WWE TV and is only interested in doing products he sees as enjoyable for him at this point. WWE obviously doesn’t fit that right now, but another company such as AEW or ROH may be an option if they present an interesting enough offer.