CM Punk was reportedly Tony Khan’s first choice for AEW

All Elite Wrestling CM Punk
As All Elite Wrestling’s huge show Double or Nothing approaches on May 25th in Las Vegas anticipation is at an all time high.

Wrestling fans can’t wait for the follow up to the All In show and to get a taste of what’s ahead for the new promotion. AEW has done its best to land some big names such as Kenny Omega, Chris Jericho and Pac, FKA Neville. It seems though there was one big name in mind they were not able to secure as of yet.

We have learned at The Ringside Roster that Former WWE Star and current MMA fighter the always controversial CM Punk was actually Tony Khan’s first pick for AEW.

CM Punk has made it clear several times since leaving WWE that he no longer has the passion or desire for wrestling, (although you may see him do the occasion runs ins and conventions) so it’s not surprising that a deal never happened with AEW.

Khan has made it clear though that “If he wants to wrestle, he can wrestle and make really good money, if that’s what he wants.” Perhaps CM Punk will change his mind one day but for now he appears happy pursuing other interests.

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