CM Punk Inks Deal With AEW


CM Punk is one of the most popular stars in the history of pro wrestling. Punk hasn’t been seen in the ring since leaving the WWE back in 2014 with his last match occurring at the Royal Rumble.

However, to this day there are many wrestling fans who continue to watch and wait hoping that the “Second City Savior” may return to the ring someday. At one time had a very firm stance about not going back to pro wrestling as he explored other things such as the UFC and an acting career. More recently things have changed a bit though.

Punk noted that he would be willing to listen to offers and was open for business as long as the creative pitch was good and the money was there that he was looking for.  It appears that one company has stepped up to the plate and made him an offer he can’t refuse.

We previously reported that CM Punk had come to an agreement with AEW on a deal, however, the two sides hadn’t met in person yet to sign the deal. That has now changed as we’ve learned at The Ringside Roster the deal is signed and Punk is headed to AEW. His deal is said to be along the same as Daniel Bryan’s where he’ll be able to work a select amount of dates. As for his debut, he’s expected to debut at All Out in September, or on the Dynamite right before it to build hype for the event.

It can’t be stated enough what a huge signing this is for AEW, which comes on the heels of the company also signing Daniel Bryan to a deal.

The future is definitely looking bright for AEW and their fanbase is set to grow even more with these huge additions. Both CM Punk and Daniel Bryan carry a huge fanbase, which will bring even more attention to the product.

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