Chelsea Green Discusses WWE Release


WWE Star Chelsea Green was released last week along with several other talents in what was a surprising move. After WrestleMania WWE often does a “spring cleaning” of sorts however some of the names that were let go certainly raised an eyebrow or two.

Green recently got a chance to speak to Fightful where she revealed that she was shocked, but that she also had a bit of a feeling that it was coming.

“I actually was totally shocked. Not going to lie. I was totally shocked. I understand it, you know, I wasn’t used, and of course, when I was used, I broke my arm. So, I was definitely shocked. And in previous years, when they have done the releases, I was expecting more throughout those releases.”

“I was kind of ready last year, and you know, times before but this time I was very shocked because I know my potential in the company and I know what I bring to the table, which is something different, you know, character work and acting skills and promo abilities and that is something I know I will thrive at when I’m able to show that. So, yeah, I was totally shocked.”

“Thankfully, I was given a little bit of a heads up, a little warning, ‘Hey, they are cutting people.’ I was able to mentally prepare myself just in case because I will say, if I hadn’t gotten that text letting me know, I would have thought that phone call was for my debut, and that would have been embarrassing. Yeah, I’m so thankful that I was forewarned because I was ready to debut, you know.”

Chelsea Green is considered to be a star in the making by many fans and talents in the business alike. There should be no shortage on demand for her once her 90 day non-compete clause is up. Companies like AEW and Impact Wrestling could be a good fit, especially with her partner Matt Cardona currently in AEW. We’ll just have to see where she decides to turn up next.