Cesaro’s Latest Big Push May Already Be Over


Cesaro has been arguably one of the most talented stars in WWE for the last decade and has accumulated some big accomplishments along the way.

However, for years many fans have been calling for him to be featured in the main event picture and to hopefully see him capture his first World Championship in the company.

Recently WWE took a renewed interest in Cesaro and it appeared that he was finally on his way to doing so when he entered a feud with Universal Champion Roman Reigns on SmackDown. The Swiss Superman was unable to conquer the Tribal Chief though despite some impressive showings.

He also suffered another loss last night against Seth Rollins at Hell In A Cell leaving some to wonder what’s next.

We’ve learned at The Ringside Roster that plans to push Cesaro may be on hold once again. Word is that he was built up a lot recently as they needed another opponent for Roman Reigns. Daniel Bryan’s support at the time went a long way too. Now it looks like he will be returning to the midcard on SmackDown for the time being.

Cesaro is a hard worker and a fan favorite. With live crowds returning in July perhaps he will get more opportunities again sooner rather than later.

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