Bryan Danielson Says AEW Is A Real Company For Fans That Love Wrestling Unlike WWE


Bryan Danielson is now a proud member of the AEW roster after spending over 10 years in WWE. 

Danielson’s start in AEW has been red hot and has already seen him face off with some of the very best in the business including AEW Champion Kenny Omega and The Elite.

He seems to be enjoying every minute of it thus far. However, there are certainly some key differences when it comes to AEW and WWE according to Bryan Danielson. A big one being that he feels AEW is a company for the fans unlike WWE. While speaking to 6ABC, Danielson had the following to say.

“This is one of the things that drew me to AEW and why I kind of wanted to come to AEW is that AEW is like a wrestling-first company. It’s a wrestling company for wrestling fans. If you’re a wrestling fan, and sometimes WWE is more just based on general entertainment. They wanna reach as many casual viewers as possible. Where I think AEW is like, ‘hey if you love wrestling, here’s this. But also, even if you’re not a wrestling fan we’re putting on wrestling and the wrestling itself is gonna bring you in.

I think that’s one of the really unique things about AEW. If you were to do a comparison of the two, like just watching the shows, you’ll see that there’s a lot more wrestling in the two hours of Dynamite than there is even in a three-hour Raw. And sometimes there’s more wrestling on an AEW Dynamite show than there is on Raw and SmackDown combined.”

Bryan Danielson certainly shares the opinion of a certain majority of fans out there when it comes to the differences between AEW and WWE. At the end of the day much like anything else it comes down to personal preference.

Danielson is doing great in AEW so far though and we’ll just have to see what’s next for him in the company.

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