Big Push To Sign Buddy Murphy To Impact Wrestling


Buddy Murphy was released from the WWE back in June as part of the ongoing budget cuts in what was a shocking move to many fans as well as those in the industry.

Since his release, Murphy has been working hard training for his next promotion and getting in the best shape of his life. His 90 day-non compete clause is set to expire in September however, Murphy recently posted an interesting image on his social media accounts with which he also made his profile picture saying “8/31/21′. If that is any indication as to when he’ll be making his next big appearance it would be a bit earlier than expected, but then again WWE has also granted certain select stars permission to do so. We saw this most recently with Aleister Black appearing in AEW.

There are sure to be a number of promotions looking to bring the talented Murphy in, but it appears that one is currently working much harder than others to do so and that’s Impact Wrestling.

We’ve learned at The Ringside Roster that Impact Wrestling is currently making every effort to sign Buddy Murphy to a deal with the company.

We’ll have to see where Murphy signs next, but wherever he decides to go will certainly be lucky to have him as he would be a solid addition to any roster.

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