Big plans for Elias ahead?

Elias WWE
There are reportedly big plans ahead for Elias when it comes to WWE.

Elias was recently brought to SmackDown by Vince McMahon during the WWE Superstar Shake-Up as the biggest acquisition in SmackDown history (only to be interrupted and speared by Roman Reigns).

Many speculated that a change of scenery could be exactly what Elias needed to get to the next level. After all he certainly checks all the boxes that the company likes and has the skills to back it up… the music is just a plus.

That could be exactly the case as we are told at The Ringside Roster that WWE has big plans in store for “The Drifter.”

Vince McMahon is said to think very highly of him even considering him one of his “chosen ones” in WWE. Elias is also reportedly being set up for a big match with The Undertaker in Saudi Arabia which WWE already planted the seeds for when they had The Undertaker attack him.

It should be interesting to watch play out especially with Roman Reigns now on SmackDown as well but, it’s safe to say with Vince McMahon behind him Elias should be destined for great things in WWE.

So the only question now is… who wants to walk with Elias?!

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