Ali on possibly turning heel in WWE

Mustafa Ali WWE
During an interview with TalkSport, Ali recently spoke about possibly turning heel later on and how much that concerns him.

He wants to present a positive influence for WWE fans, but how he would likely be presented as a heel is not the kind of image he wants to represent.

“I do believe, honestly, that turning heel would concern me in regards to what I would be saying. I never have a problem telling the truth and sometimes it’s very easy to tell the truth and people don’t like it then boom, you’re a bad guy!”

“I’ve done that role tastefully before I came to WWE and obviously, I’m still a Muslim-American just giving people the truth and they don’t like it. But right now, I think it’s undeniable from my perspective the impact that I’m having by being this positive – I don’t want to call it Muslim role model – but positive figure that happens to be Muslim and that’s the key about it.”

“We want people to know we don’t see the colour of skin, we don’t see lines in the sand, we just see human beings – boo me for who I am not where I’m from. That’s the message.”

Ali continues to say,

“So, I’m very very proud of the work I’m doing right now and I’d like to stay doing what I am right now but if there’s an opportunity for some character development, if there’s a bad guy role, I’m not opposed to it! Because at the end of the day I’m here to play a role, right?”

“It doesn’t define me as a person but I’d like to do it tastefully by saying the truth and I think as long as I’m doing that I’d be ok with it.”

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