Aleister Black Discusses His WWE Release


WWE Star, Aleister Black was officially released today in a shocking move, along with Braun Strowman and several other superstars.

After the news broke Aleister Black took to Twitch today to discuss his release from WWE.

Black started things off by noting that overall he wasn’t mad about things and how they happened. He said he was thankful for his time in the company however it was disappointing that he was let go.

Black went on to say that over the last 2 years it was basically a slow death of his character and WWE always told him that they found him “intriguing”, but despite his good fan support and merchandise sales he always found himself in the same position.

Black also stated that there’s a lot of talented people who work in WWE and that he had a good relationship with Bruce Pritchard.

He then thanked Andrade, Bray Wyatt, Ricochet, John Cena, Roman and others for always giving him advice and stated that Reigns is a tremendous locker room leader.

Aleister Black said despite reports months back Vince McMahon did NOT shoot down his request to return to NXT. He said that McMahon was actually open to the idea, but things just didn’t work out that way.

Black noted that his new character and return to SmackDown was discussed with Triple H and the decision was made to bring him back as a heel. The idea was that he was basically “the devil with memory loss” he knew he did something bad, but couldn’t remember anything.

He stated that he probably has another 10 years left or so in the ring and has interest in opening a wrestling school where he can train the next generation of wrestlers.

He noted that with his 90 day non-compete clause he should be free to go somewhere else around September.

Black said if it wasn’t for WWE he wouldn’t be where he is today and he’s not bitter about his release. He stated that you have to be positive and never you what the future holds because it’s going to be a fun ride to see where he goes next.

We here at The Ringside Roster wish Aleister Black the best of luck on the next stop in his pro wrestling career. There’s certainly going to be no shortage of promotions knocking at his door where September hits, so we’re sure he’ll be back on TV sooner than later.

Let us know your thoughts on Aleister Black’s WWE release in the comments and where you want to see him go next.