AJ Styles discusses WWE’s third party ban on activities

AJ Styles Twitch Cameo Ban

During his recent Twitch stream, AJ Styles spoke about WWE’s third party ban on activities.

AJ Styles doesn’t think that WWE will make him quit streaming, but some things may have to change.

“Let’s talk about the stream. Is it going to continue? And from the contacts that I’ve had, the information I got is WWE does want us to interact with our fans, and that means streaming. They want this to happen, they want you to have a YouTube channel, there are things they want you to do and be able to do and what we knew was a little vague at first.

AJ Styles continues to say,

“We did different things and it was borderline whether we knew we could do it or not and so, those will be answered but streaming I don’t think will be one of those that are taken away, um, YouTube is not one of those that will be taken away. There will be changes in other areas I’m sure of it and I don’t know exactly where that is. “

“But let me say this again, they, the WWE want us to be able to stream and interact with our fans and that’s exactly what we’re doing, that’s exactly what I’m doing. From Adam Cole to Breeze and Xavier Woods, Baron Corbin it’s what we do, it’s fun.”

Vince McMahon said in his letter on the matter to the roster that all prohibited activity must cease by October 2nd. It’s certainly a tough situation and one many Superstars are upset about. Some are even trying to find ways around things.

We’ll have to see what happens when the ban goes into effect.

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