AJ Styles believes the “Indies and what not” should not compete with WWE

AJ Styles WWE
While speaking to Newsweek, AJ Styles stated that he feels “the indies and whatnot” should be competing with each other and not WWE. Because WWE is so huge that “people don’t understand it.”

“As far as the indies and whatnot, I don’t think they should ever be competitive with the WWE. They should compete with themselves to make sure they get better everyday because there’s no competition, if you want me to be honest. WWE is globally huge. It’s unbelievable to know how big the WWE is. People don’t understand it.”

“If you want to succeed, don’t compete. Be something different, be the alternative. There’s a lot of people that have a good chance, but competition is always a great thing. I hope any company does well so they can be that competition. Competition will always make a better product.”

If AJ Styles is referring to AEW which he seems to be his comments may sit well with too many fans. Although WWE is the leader in the wrestling industry and has been for years, AEW proved on Saturday that times may just be changing. Double Or Nothing got rave reviews from fans all over social media and while it may take some time to truly compete with WWE, AEW has shown that they’re in the fight and should be taken seriously.

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