AEW Rampage Results 8/20/21, CM Punk Makes His Return To Wrestling After 7 Years!

AEW Rampage Results 8/20/21

AEW Rampage Results 8/20/21

AEW Rampage Results 8/20/21

The following are the AEW Rampage Results 8/20/21

CM Punk returns to pro wrestling with a massive ovation! OMG he’s back! He says he had a very important decision to make and he did it. He says he didn’t know how he was going to feel, but he knew he had to come back. As Punk has tears in his eyes and the fans chant he says for 7 long years he’s heard the fans. Punk says that he can’t talk about it all right now, but he’s not going anywhere so there will be plenty of time.

Punk says thank you to everyone for believing in him through his career. Punk then says he wants to tell a story and sits classily in the middle of the ring.

CM Punk says he never wanted to leave, but he knew he had too. Punk said he made a place where people could work and love what they do with pro wrestling. Punk says he’s back for the fans and he’s back for him too. Punk says there’s a ton of talent he would love to be surrounded by today and now he is. Punk says he has some things to do and scores to settle. He then calls out Darby Allin and he appears up above the ring with Sting.

He says Darby is good and he knows he loves to do crazy things. He says the craziest thing he could do is face CM Punk in Chicago at All Out September 5th! Punk says 7 years is a long time to wait for anyone so on the way out of the arena everyone should grab an ice cream bar on him.

What a moment. Goosebumps all over…Now to try and recover so I can write the rest of the show.

Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus defeat Private Party to move on in the Tag Team Eliminator Tournament.

Jade Cargill defeats Kiera Hogan.

Jon Moxley defeats Daniel Garcia. After the match 2point0 attacks and Moxley, Kingston, Darby and Sting beat down them.


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