AEW Removing All Footage Of Revolution Ending On Social Media Including Fan Videos

AEW Banning Fans Tweets

The smoke has cleared after AEW Revolution which was a show filled with both ups and downs.

Perhaps the most… interesting part though was the ending of the Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley Exploding Barbed Wire Death Match for the AEW Championship. As Moxley laid in the ring after the match as the ring was set to explode, his former friend Eddie Kingston ran down to try and make the save. However, Kingston wasn’t able to drag him out in time and wound up diving on him instead to help him cover up as the “explosion” went off.

The segment has been met with heavy criticism online from both the media and fans alike due to it looking more like a bunch of Fourth of July sparklers rather than some kind of explosion. To say it was underwhelming would be an understatement.

AEW has also seemingly gone as far as to flag any videos on social posting the ending or criticizing it in any way to get them taken down. This includes fan shot videos from the event and an after show speech by Jon Moxley where he joked about Kenny Omega not knowing how to build a good setup for the match.

We at The Ringside Roster have also experienced this after posting a fans video from the event that was personally sent to us only to have it removed. You can see some examples of others below:

Fan Tweet AEW banned
AEW Claims Copyright
AEW Blocking Fans Tweets

Copyrighting videos from the broadcast are one thing, but taking down personal fan videos is quite another. It’s not exactly the best look for AEW. Shows don’t always go as planned and sometimes things fall flat, but it’s important to own it and keep moving.

If you haven’t yet make sure to check out the show for yourself when you get a chance to see what you think of the ending.

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