AEW Dynamite Results 5/19/21 Stadium Stampede Match Set & Miro Vs The Murder Hawk

AEW Dynamite Results 5/19/21

** AEW Dynamite Results 5/19/21 ** 

  • Christian Cage defeats Matt Sydal via pin fall. Christian Cage helped Sydal up and hugged him after the match. Christian Cage tells Taz to come into the ring. Ricky Stark comes out to defend Taz. Stark talks about how he is his own man. Stark tells the rest of Team Taz to come on out, but they end up attacking Christian Cage from behind. “Hangman” Adam Page comes out to defend Christian Cage, but is not too successful as Brian Cage ensures that Page does not get up.
  • The Varsity Blondes talk about their past experiences that got them into wrestling. They talk about how The Young Bucks were an inspiration but when they got to AEW, they saw that The Young Bucks were not as great as they believed. The Varsity Blondes express how they will not stop until they become the AEW Tag Team Champions. 
  • Moxley and Eddie Kingston talk about how they should be making a dent into the tag team division and how they know they are going to beat The Acclaimed. The Acclaimed talk about how they are angry and how Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston are going to lose their match tonight! Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston attack The Acclaimed as they were entering the ring. Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston defeat The Acclaimed via pin fall. 
  • Scorpio Sky talks about how he looked up to Sting as a child. He continued to say that time has caught up to Sting and that he is no longer what he used to be. Sky talks about how Sting needs to step aside before he “puts [Sting] down.” Ethan Page talks about how he pushed Darby Allin down the stairs and how Darby Allin lost his title the week after. Ethan Page states that he is “a man of his word” and he will be “the nail in his coffin.” Sting appears and comes towards the ring. Darby Allin attacks Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky with his skateboard. Sting puts Scorpio Sky in the “Scorpion Death Lock” and Sky taps out in the middle. Darby Allin stares down Ethan Page and shows that Allin spray painted “Ethan” on his skateboard. As Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page attempt to get away, The Dark Order come out and block the exits. 
  • The Pinnacle are at a restaurant and having dinner. MJF talked about how The Inner Circle sprayed them “with bubbly.” MJF voiced that for the first time in Chris Jericho’s career, he is up against someone who has the last laugh. Dax Harwood talked about how Chris Jericho has been making a mockery of professional wrestling for years. In the middle of Harwood’s rant, Shawn Spears attacks the waiter because he did not have his drink for him. Spears throws a wine bottle and the rest of the Pinnacle members check to see if he was okay. The Pinnacle state that if The Inner Circle accepts the match, that it will be their last one because The Pinnacle “is always on top.”  
  • Hikaru Shida defeats Rebel (not Reba) via submission. Dr. Britt Baker comes and attacks Shida after the match. Dr. Britt Baker performs a curb stomp and Shida’s face hits the title. Dr. Britt Baker raises the title in the ring.
  • Don Callis and Kenny Omega “check up” on Orange Cassidy in the medical trainers room. Kenny Omega talks about how they value Orange Cassidy and how they see him more of a mascot for the company instead of a main eventer. Callis and Omega try to get Orange Cassidy to sign a contract stating that Orange gives up his rights and he will not wrestle at Double or Nothing. Orange Cassidy takes the contract and rips it in half. Kenny Omega talks about how at Double or Nothing, he will not hold back when he hits the “One Winged Angel” and that he can hurt him, end his career, or worse, end his life! They give Orange Cassidy another copy of the contract and tell him to think it over. 
  • The Inner Circle enter the ring, ready to give The Pinnacle their response about their potential match at Double or Nothing. “Talk is cheap” and Ortiz wants to fight! The “Spanish God” talks about how this feud is not going to end as long as they both work for AEW and they have to have this match to put an end to this. Jack Hager says if they don’t accept, they will be just like The Pinnacle. Chris Jericho talks about the match and the stipulation of if the Inner Circle loses, they will have to break up. Jericho asks, if it was worth it? If Blood and Guts was worth it? According to Jericho, he will never be the same again because of MJF. Jericho talks about how MJF hurt him and how the mental image of being thrown off the cage will never go away. Was it worth it knowing that the fall almost cost him his career and that it put fear in the hearts of his family? Jericho’s answer was “it was 1000% worth it” because now he is motivated to beat MJF down. The Inner Circle accepts The Pinnacle’s challenge at Double or Nothing. Jericho says if they don’t win, they don’t deserve to be The Inner Circle, but that won’t happen. At the end of their promo, The Inner Circle flips off The Pinnacle.
  • Jade Cargill begins to talk about how she is her own boss when Mark Sterling interrupts and talks about how he wants to work for her. He voiced that he wants to bring her to the top. Jade talks about how he will not interrupt her during her taping but she will think about it. 
  • Serena Deeb defeats Red Velvet via submission. 
  • PAC is sick and tired of having his opportunities robbed from him in this company. Kenny Omega attempted to take him out before their match at Double or Nothing when he attacked PAC last week, but he failed. So who is going to bet against “The Bastard” now? 
  • Anthony Ogogo defeats Austin Gunn by referee stoppage. During the match, Anthony Ogogo punches Austin Gunn in the mouth and blood sprays all over Ogogo’s face. After the match Ogogo grabs the American flag and threw it at Cody Rhodes. Officials rush out and separate the men. Ogogo raises the British flag instead. 
  • Christopher Daniels whispers into the ear of Frankie Kazarian as they shake hands in respect. Kazarian talks about how he lost more than just a match but he is focused on his future. He blames The Elite for his pain and how he is going to hunt down every member of The Elite. He will show them pain and make them feel loss or “die trying.” 
  • Miro starts by thanking Jesus Christ for protecting him and for giving him the strength to destroy everyone in his path. He talks about his victory over Darby Allin. As the crowd chants for Darby Allin, Miro raises the title and says “here is your Darby.” Lance Archer comes out and tells Miro to shut up. Archer talks about their match at Double or Nothing and how he is excited because he is going to win the title. Miro talks about how at Double or Nothing, he is not going to hold anything back and the same way Archer says “everybody dies,” Miro tells him that Archer will be the first. 
  • The Young Bucks defeat The Varsity Blondes via submission. Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston show up in the ring while The Elite were celebrating. Moxley and Kingston attack The Young Bucks. Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston choke out The Young Buck and Kingston steals their shoes and … their socks?

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