RAW Commentator Adnan Virk Already Fired From WWE


Adnan Virk has already been released from WWE after a short stint on the RAW commentary team.

Virk was hired recently as the newest voice of the RAW commentary team, but despite his best efforts it was quickly apparent to most fans that Virk just wasn’t a fit. Social media was often filled with posts of displeasure when he was commentating on shows.

WWE seems to have noticed this as well and apparently felt the same way as Virk was released today by the company. It seems the departure was mutual as well.

Virk also took to social media himself to post a goodbye message and to thank WWE.

Virk was hired by WWE after he was released by ESPN for supposedly leaking information. He also has zero background in pro wrestling.

We at The Ringside Roster wish Adnan the best of luck on wherever he goes next.

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