Adam Cole: “Shawn Michaels is involved in every one of my matches”

Adam Cole NXT WWE

The Heartbreak Kid recently became a subject of conversation while Adam Cole spoke to Chasing Glory.

“Michael Hayes and Shawn Michaels. Michael is great, brilliant. Normally, he’s involved in producing my matches. Shawn Michaels is involved in every one of my matches. At the Performance Center, I work with him directly. He’s like a mentor for so many of us in NXT. He takes a liking and makes sure he has a hand in everything that we’re doing.”

Adam Cole continues by saying,

“The best thing about Shawn is, he lets us come up with what we think, and he’ll get excited about what we come up with. If we’re stumped on something, in five seconds he’ll go, ‘what if you did this’ and it’s amazing. It’s awesome to have those two there to pick their brains. They played a big part in creating what we created [at TakeOver: Toronto].”

The Ringside View: When getting help from anyone in the business HBK is definitely at the top of the list of guys you want to work with you. Pretty fitting for a Superstar that many feel is a young Shawn Michaels in the making of Adam Cole (BayBay!).

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